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The Practice

Our classes cater to all levels of yoga practice from those with no prior experience to serious practitioners or both. Each class begins with a brief land lesson on the basics of SUP followed by a guided paddling warm up.  Tailor-made to improve your balance, the practice is full of invigorating SUP sun salutations, flowing into strengthening and lengthening postures and ending with breathing exercises before paddling back to the original location.

1- I have never done yoga before, Will the poses be ok for beginners?
One of the many beauties of yoga is that each practitioner is free to take things at their own pace. If you remain mindful of your breath while laying down for the entire class, you will still be in perfect practice. That being said, classes have been designed to be accessible to all levels, giving newer practitioners options to ease into postures and providing modifications to deepen postures, affording everyone the opportunity to kiss their ever-changing edge of challenge.

2- I am not in great shape just yet, is this a lot of core workout?
It is a lot of core work… and, you can do it! We find that building a strong and flexible body and mind are the side effects of enjoying movement melded with breath on the beautiful Puget Sound. By being completely in the moment, surrounded by nature and your supportive peers, you will gain a strong core without meaning to.

3- Will I get wet? What should I wear?
You may not fall in, but water can lap up over the edges of the board and it’s best to dress accordingly. We encourage you to be willing to get wet – the more open you are, the more fun you will have! Bring a towel or change of clothes for after class in case you do get soaked. The rule for this is the ABC rule= Anything, But Cotton.  Wear something that you can get wet in. Dry-fit clothing works great.  Swimwear is ok when the weather is warm, but remember that your yoga practice will have you moving around, so make sure you have adequate coverage in your bikini or swimsuit. You may wish to bring a hat, sunglasses, NON-MARKING SOLE WATER SHOES,  pants, short or legging with NO zipper pockets, insect repellent and of course, make sure you wear sunscreen! We have extra if you forget.  PLEASE, DON’T FORGET YOUR WATER.

4- Do I need to be able to swim?
Yes. Every single participant MUST know how to swim and be comfortable getting in the water for the safety of all participants. We provide life jackets for all participants, and if you’re not a confident swimmer,  you may choose to wear the flotation device throughout class. You may also choose to book a private lesson if you are not a strong swimmer.

5- How long is class? Do I need to arrive early?
Our Paddle Board Yoga Classes are sixty minutes, but we suggest you block two hours to give yourself time to arrive, park and time to chat with your instructor before or after class. Arriving 10 minutes before class starts will help ensure that we get to enjoy the most time on the water! 

6- Can I bring a camera?
We will take photos for you, so you don’t have to! It’s best if you leave all valuables behind, and simply take time to enjoy your practice. Photos will be posted after class via our Facebook & Instagram pages.

7- I am bringing my own paddle board, what do I exactly need?
That is totally fine.  Please, make sure you sign up and prepay before you showed up to class, go to the booking tap and select BRING YOUR OWN BOARD CLASS to get a discount rate. It’s also VERY IMPORTANT that you bring you paddle board with all your equipment: Approved personal flotation device, Paddle & Ankle leash.

8- What if it rains?
Weather wise, there are at least 2 important factors for a Sup Yoga Class; one is the rain and the other one is the wind velocity. In the event of inclement weather, your instructor will contact you at least one hour before class to notify you of any cancellation. If it’s just gray, we will paddle anyway. If there’s thunder and lightning, it’s a no-go. High winds are also a cause for cancellation. In the event that we cancel your class, we will gladly reschedule it for you or provide a refund if preferred.

9- Do you have storage for my valuables?
It’s best if you leave most items at home/ in the car as 904 SUP Yoga will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.  You may give your  small items such as keys or wallet to the instructor to put in her dry bag during the time you are in the water

10- Is there any weight restriction on your boards?

That is a great question, there is a weight restriction by the manufacturer of the boards:  240lbs.  However, if you weight more than that you are welcome to join, we have 1 board that is bigger and holds up to 500lbs, just let us know when you book your class on the comment section and we will bring it.  We'll be happy to have you in class.

11- What equipment is included in the price? Do I need to bring anything extra?

When you pay for your class all the necessary equipment is included, so you only need to show up and everything will be ready for you.  You do not need to bring anything else. UNLESS, you are bringing your OWN PADDLE BOARD and you'll have to bring all your equipment. Please, refer to question #7.

12- Is there an age restriction?

Yes, children under 13 are not allowed.  Our ask is that they need to know how to swim and they need to be big enough to be able to manipulate all the equipment.  They also need to be respectful and be willing to do the practice and not be playing.

13- How do I find you?

We are usually a group of 3.  We always have our 904 SUP YOGA t-shirts on.  If we are in St. Augustine, we are usually at the end of the pier/dock on the left side already set up with our boards ready to go.

14-  I have a special occasion I would like to celebrate (Bachelorette's party, Bday, Moms group etc)

That is great and we can certainty help you with that.  Just reach out though email at to discuss your special event. 

15- I have called several times and no-one answers my calls

That is true, if you do not leave a message in our voicemail we do not return any calls. Please, leave us a detail message and we'll return the call pretty quickly.  The best way for us to communicate with us is the chat box on our website or by email. 

16- LASTLY, THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION:  Are there gators where we practice?  What happen if we see one?

This is Florida and there are gators anywhere and everywhere and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that. We have no control what It's going to happen.  We have a few protocols in place in the event that we see a gator near by and/or in the event something else can happen.  Gators are usually afraid of paddle boards.  That being said I'd like you to read this short article that I found​ helpful to answer any questions you might have about that.  Please, click here to read it.

Still have questions, no worries, contact us through email or chat with us and we'll be glad to answer them for you.  

904 SUP Yoga FAQ
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