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What is a Sound Bath?

A Sound Bath is not a relaxing soak in the tub lol.  A Sound Bath will involve lying in a reclining position or in Shavasana for about 25 min after taking part in yin yoga class (approx. 30 min of asanas) or meditation exercises. Next, the instructor will use one or several instruments to create soothing, overlapping vibrations. These vibrations generally will lead participants deeper into a state of contemplation or relaxation, shutting off your body’s fight-or-flight reflex. In other other words, by using particular combinations of rhythms and frequencies, it is possible to shift the normal beta state (alert, concentrating, reacting) to an alpha (creative, relaxed), and even theta (meditative state) and delta (deep sleep; where restoring and healing can occur). At the end of the session, the instructor will guide you back to a feeling of awareness before concluding the sound bath and wishing you well on your journey.


Sound Bath Benefits


  • Stress management

  • Decreased anxiety

  • Greater focus

  • Deeper sleep

  • Enhanced memory

  • Unblocked and redirected energy

  • Cleansed negative emotions


How to prepare for your first sound bath

Mentally, you can prepare for a sound bath by recognizing the fact that you’re about to partake on a deeply personal, meditative journey. Take a few minutes to think about what you’d like to gain from the experience – would you like to relax as fully as possible, or would you like to find additional clarity on an issue? Prepare to release other distractions from your mind and consider leaving your cell phone at home or in your car.

Also, wear loose, comfortable clothing. It’s best to dress in layers to ensure you won’t become too hot or cold. Be sure to eat a snack and drink plenty of water beforehand and after the session.

If you want to experience a Sound Bath with us, gather a group of minimum 4 people and book here

Private Sound Bath starts at: $140

Group Sound Bath (4+people):  $25/person