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904 SUP YOGA Paddleboarding and Kayak FAQ
904 SUP YOGA Kayaking FAQ
Ocean Pier

1-  I have no previous experience, is that ok?

Absolutely, Paddleboarding and Kayaking tours and experiences are exactly for those like you who have never tried it before and even for the super paddleboarding stars. The whole experience is super chill and relax.  It is not a competition.  Guide will teach you some paddle board and kayaking basics that will help you make the experience way more enjoyable. 

2- Do you provide all the equipment or is there anything we have to bring?

We provide all the equipment, so you only need to arrive and enjoy.

2.A.  Can I bring my own board to paddleboarding or my own kayak?

Yes, you can. When booking your activity, please sign up through BYO (Bring your Own) link provided under options.


3-  My kid wants to come too, is that allowed?

Yes, kids 3 to 12 can come, but they need to be accompanied by an adult.  This is for safety reasons.  Kids under 13 MUST wear the provided Personal Flotation Device, it is the law.  The Trained guide is with the group and cannot be babysitting the kids.  The years of experience have taught us that kids are very excited to try it and paddle by themselves.  The first 5 minutes are ok, but then, they get tired and cannot handle the equipment, then the guide has to go back to shore to return the paddle board or kayak and that makes the group waste time on their experience.  That is the reason why they all are place with the adult.  If the kid is older than 13, then he/she gets placed on a paddle board by her/himself, but still there has to be an adult present with him/her in the group and he/she has to pay regular price for the equipment.

4- What should I bring?

Here is a list of suggested items:

-Wear clothing that can get wet and dries easily, no zippers in the back please since they damage the boards.

-Water bottle 

-NON-MARKING Water shoes

-Short, pants or legging without any zippers on the back


-A change of clothes

-Sun shades

-Sun screen 


-Leave valuables at home

-Dry bag if available

-Go pro camera

-Phone with Waterproof case

5- How many minutes before should I get there?

5 minutes before should be perfect

6-  How do I find you?

We are usually a group of 3.  We always have our 904 SUP YOGA t-shirts on.  If we are in St. Augustine, we are usually at the end of the pier/dock already set up with our boards ready to go.  If you are coming for a kayak tour then, our kayaks are all orange right at the shore on the left.  Our paddle boards are all blue.

7- I forgot to sign the waiver.

Yes, that is no BUENO.  Please, make sure you come ready to go. That includes signing the waiver at home online. You can do it from your home as well and If we are not busy setting up, we might be able to help you look for it online.

8- Do we paddle the whole 75 min?

Of course no.  We paddle for a bit, then take a rest, chill, get in the water if possible, then paddle, take another break... and so on. 

9- What is the difference between the Dolphin Paddle Board Tour and the Paddle Board Experiences?

We often see Dolphin in St. Augustine and that is the reason why we named the tours Paddle Board Dolphin Tours.  However, even when we have eventually seen some dolphins at other locations, it is very rare,  specially at the river locations, so we do not want to create false expectations and we called those tours "Paddle Board Experiences".  But who knows maybe we all get lucky that day and see dolphins in the river. 

10 - Can we see dolphins at other locations than St. Augustine?

Yes, but it is rare as we answered on the previous question.

11- I have called several times and no-one answers my calls

That is true, if you do not leave a message in our voicemail we do not return any calls. Please, leave us a detail message and we'll return the call pretty quickly.  The best way for us to communicate is via the chat box on our website or by email. 

12- Do I need to know how to swim to participate in these activities?

YES, you MUST. We'll provide life vests for every participants and even when you know how to swim it is mandatory that you wear the life vest, remember, this is for your and our safety. 

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